Weddings at Parkview

Congratulations on your engagement and pursuit of marriage!

We are honored that you would consider celebrating your special day with us. If you are interested in getting married at Parkview, please review our wedding policy below and submit a wedding application to begin the process of reserving your date.

Weddings performed at Parkview Church are primarily reserved for members, but exceptions may be made in the case of regular, active attendance for over 6 months before applying for marriage. Even while holding membership, one or both of the couple must have been actively involved in the church over that time, including regular attendance of Sunday morning worship and participation in a Community Group or similar.

Weddings should usually be officiated by a pastor on staff at Parkview. Any exceptions must be approved by the Lead Pastor and must affirm the church’s position on sexuality and marriage. In addition, the couple must agree to pre-marital counseling sessions with or supervised by a pastor on staff at Parkview. These sessions will vary in frequency, content, and duration based on the pastor’s discretion, but most will consist of five or six sessions lasting about an hour. At these sessions, pastors will discuss the Biblical foundations of marriage, conflict resolution, roles and responsibilities within marriage, and sexual intimacy, among other things.

Our main wedding facility is The Chapel.

The Chapel seats a maximum of 300 guests. The platform is raised with three steps (including the platform level). All of the furnishings on the Chapel platform are move-able. These can all be removed from the platform for your wedding. Your coordinator will be able to help you make decisions. All moving of sanctuary furnishings must be done under the supervision of your wedding coordinator.

If you wish to host your reception at Parkview, you may choose from our two other venues: the Atrium or the Worship Center. The Atrium can have up to 15 tables plus a head table with 8 chairs at each table. The Worship Center can have up to 24 tables plus a head table with 8 chairs at each table. The kitchen will be available to use for staging or minor food preparation, but the kitchen must be left in as good or better condition than found. Any utensils or dishes used must be washed and put away. There is no smoking or alcohol consumption allowed in the building or on the grounds. If the wedding is held on a Saturday, everything, including the reception, must be completed and the party must exit by 9pm.

All weddings include the seating and tables needed for your event.

Upon request, the church offers the following for your use:

  • Communion table (for unity candle or flowers)
  • Guest book table
  • Grand piano or keyboard
  • Sound equipment
  • Designated dressing rooms for bride, groom, and attendants
  • 1-2 lapel microphones
  • 1-2 wireless handheld microphones
  • Additional wired microphones upon request
  • Audio cables for acoustic guitar
  • Music stands
  • Tablecloths

Any music utilized in the ceremony, including recorded music, must be approved by the Worship Pastor. The Worship Pastor can help the couple in planning and choosing music for the ceremony. Songs used during the ceremony could include special music, solos, or congregational songs and these must be Christian, God-glorifying songs. Music played before and after, or for processional and recessional, does not have to be strictly Christian music, but must contain “clean” lyrics and must still be approved by the Worship Director. Live music can be provided or coordinated by the church for an additional fee that should be paid directly to the musicians, or the couple can provide their own musicians. Music can also be played from a USB drive, a Spotify playlist, YouTube playlist, or similar.

  • Audio/Visual support may be scheduled for an extra fee. Arrangements for media, if desired, should be made at least 2 months prior to your wedding day.
  • The wedding fee for members is $1,000.00.
  • The wedding fee for non-members is $1,2000.00.
  • A deposit of $50.00 is required before your Wedding date can be scheduled on the Church calendar. This deposit will be credited to the total fee.
  • Pricing for receptions varies – please contact the church office.