7th-12th Grade

Parkview Student Ministries (PSM) is the place to be for Junior High and High School students. We’re a group that encourages students to love Jesus so they can become disciples who make disciples. Join us for contemporary worship, relevant and down-to-earth teaching, dynamic small groups, new and exciting games and activities, and awesome snacks.

Central Campus
Central Campus

Sunday nights at Central Campus from 6-7:45pm are for the 3 “F’s” of Student Ministries: Food, Fun & Jesus (the “f” is silent). We have worship, relevant teaching, tasty treats, games and so much more. If you are a 7th-12th grade student, we hope you can check us out!

East Campus
East Campus

The Spot is a community outreach event at East Campus on Wednesday nights from 6-8. We provide an atmosphere where students are able to connect, learn and grow while participating in fun, Christ-centered activities.

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Mike DeWaard

Student Ministries Director

Sarah McLean

PSM Girls Support

The Church Co

The Church Co

Ronnie Smith

East Campus Student Ministry & Outreach Coordinator