East Campus

Sundays @ 10:30a
NextGen Programming
NextGen Programming

During our worship service, we typically offer the following programming:

  • Nursery (birth-2 years)
  • Pre-K (3-5 years)
  • UNITE (K-3rd grade)
  • Jr High*

*1st and 3rd Sunday


1027 US-6 E, Iowa City, Iowa 52240

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What to Expect

We’re excited you’re interested in Parkview. We hope this information will answer a few of the questions you might have about worshiping with us. If you have additional questions or needs, please contact us:

About Sunday Services

Our worship service follows the arc of the gospel:

God, Man, Christ, Response.

With this loose structure, we are reminded of God’s holiness, our sinfulness and neediness, and Christ’s provision, and have an opportunity to respond to and be refreshed by the gospel every single week.

The primary elements you will see in every Sunday service at Parkview are:

  • Call to Worship
  • Singing
  • Confession of Sin
  • Public Reading of Scripture
  • Preaching
  • Communion*
  • Prayer
  • Benediction

Some secondary elements we incorporate on occasion are:

  • Baptism
  • Silent reflection
  • Discipleship stories
  • Confession/Creeds
  • Longer Scripture readings

A typical worship service at East Campus lasts about an hour and 15 minutes.

*Gluten-free communion options available.

What about my kids?

We have a Child Check-In station located just inside the front doors to the right. Our Check-In Assistants will help you find the right room for your kids and provide security name tags for them.

If you desire to leave your children (36 months and under) in the Nursery, you’ll find it to your right through the doors to the right of the kitchen located in the chapel. The Pre-K Sunday School classroom is down the Faith Academy hallway in the 1st Grade classroom. We are currently offering a large group Sunday School for grades K-6 on occasion. They meet in the art room directly across from the kitchen. The students are dismissed from worship after the music and lead to the classroom.

What is your music like?

Our music is a blend of contemporary and traditional, drawing from all types of American musical styles. We sing mostly contemporary Christian songs, hymns, spirituals, and occasionally an original song written by the band. You’ll usually see a piano or keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass and several vocalists leading each week. We project the lyrics to each song, encouraging our congregation to sing and worship the Lord.

What is your teaching like?

Our teaching is expositional in style, meaning our sermons are based on a passage of Scripture. We desire for our teaching to be faithful to the Bible, centered on the good news of the forgiveness of sins in Jesus, and relevant to life.


What should I wear?

There’s no dress code and we’re generally very casual. If you feel like wearing a suit, go ahead, and if you feel like wearing a t-shirt and jeans, that’s great too. Just be yourself.

If you are the type of person that gets chilly in a movie theater, you might consider bringing a light jacket.

What happens after?

At the end of the service, you will be sent with a Benediction, or Good Word, by someone up front. If you need prayer or have questions following the service, we always have a few church leaders available at the front of the Worship Center to help you. Otherwise, feel free to check out our Connect Center, grab a cup of coffee, and stick around and chat!

We hope to see you again next week!

Ready for the Next Step?

We recognize that connecting with a church and establishing meaningful relationships takes effort by both the newcomer and the church family. Here are some ways you can get started.


Fill out a Connect Card for the quickest way to get involved! You can let us know what ministries you are interested in, and someone will reach out to you to get you plugged in!

Connect Card

Check out our Ministries page for more ways to get involved beyond Sunday mornings! We offer ministries for everyone in the family, from littles all the way up to older adults.

Ministries Page

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