Jeff Gilmore

Dr. Jeff Gilmore has been the Senior Pastor at Parkview Church since 1991.

Under Dr. Gilmore’s leadership Parkview has grown from a church of 300 with two full-time positions to a church of 2200 with thirty-seven staff positions. Before coming to Parkview, he started three churches in Texas and Florida. Jeff graduated with a BS from LSU, received his Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and his doctorate from Denver Seminary. He and his wife Cheryl have four daughters and two sons.

Succession FAQ

What is Succession?

Succession is passing the baton from one leader to the next while both members of the relay team continue to strive for the same mission by contributing in their unique areas of strengths and giftedness. In the case of Parkview leadership, Jeff Gilmore will pass the baton to Doug Schillinger but will remain fulltime and actively engaged exercising his strengths and gifts.

Why Doug Schillinger?

Doug is a very gifted leader and communicator who wants his life to count for Jesus. His love for the local church and for Parkview in particular is evident in every ministry he and his family are involved with. Doug and his family have been a vital and vibrant part of the Parkview family for nearly two decades, and his passion for seeing the mission of Parkview expand is abundantly clear. Doug is a very clear choice to be the next leader of Parkview and has the full confidence and blessing of Jeff Gilmore as well as the staff and elders.

Why is Succession best for Parkview?

Succession provides for a smooth rather than an abrupt transition. The mission of Parkview stays at full-speed providing the greatest possibility for spiritual health and positive momentum.

Will Pastor Jeff still teach on Sundays?

Yes. The plan is that the pulpit will continue to be shared between the pastoral staff in much the same way as it has been in the past; however, Doug will be responsible for setting the preaching rotation rather than Jeff. Jeff will be a part of the preaching rotation and will also oversee and be a regular teacher at Parkview U.

Who is involved in the Succession planning?

The succession plan was initiated by Jeff, evaluated by a succession committee, and is overseen by the elders. The Parkview membership has been and will continue to be involved primarily through Congregational Meetings. The elders and staff have led and been involved in the discussions and will continue to speak into the process. The details of the succession plan is still a work in progress, but an outline of quarterly goals has been shared at Congregational Meetings.

What will be the major differences between what Doug and Jeff will do?

Specific roles and responsibilities will shift, but the major areas of strengths for both Jeff and Doug will be emphasized. As the Lead Pastor, Doug will oversee vision, preaching and teaching, leadership development, and pastoral staff. Jeff will continue teaching and preaching on Sundays and at Parkview U. His experience and leadership skills will be utilized with staff, implementing vision, and in overseeing administration and communication. Both Jeff and Doug will continue to serve the congregation as pastors.

What is the timeline for Succession?

The timeline will be overseen by the elders, and will include regular quarterly Congregational Meeting updates. Highlight goals of our upcoming Congregational Meetings are as follows:

  • September 8, 2014 – Clarifying 20/20 Vision and Succession. A simple survey of affirmation and critique will be taken.
  • November 17, 2014 – 20/20 Vision update along with clarification of any unaddressed issues. A preliminary unofficial vote of approval for 20/20 Vision and Succession will be taken.
  • March 9, 2015 – Details of 20/20 Vision including, “What will look the same?” and “What could look different?” after succession takes place in June.
  • June 1, 2015 – At our annual meeting there will be the formal official vote of 20/20 Vision and Succession followed by a commissioning and celebration of Doug Schillinger as the new Lead Pastor.

Who can I go to for additional information or to give input?

Please direct any questions to Jeff, Doug Schillinger, or to any of Parkview’s elders.

How can I pray for the succession?

Pray for:

  • A spirit of unity and sensitivity for the entire church and the ministries Parkview serves.
  • Jeff, Doug, and the rest of the staff to work seamlessly and cooperatively through the entire transition.
  • God’s protection and His blessing of this step of faith and that He would use it to further His kingdom and bring Him glory.
  • Renewed excitement as Parkview begins a new chapter of its significant history.